Whether you are building a custom swimming pool from scratch or renovating a current pool, swimming pool building is big job. The more you understand the process, the more manageable it can be. We at Bob's Pools & Screens want you to be as informed as possible during the entire process. Dealing with the construction process and giving up your backyard for 10-14 weeks can be a daunting process.

Having built over 30,000 pools over the last 45 years, we understand these challenges and want to deliver your backyard back to you as quickly as possible - without compromising the quality that you expect and deserve. We understand that by selecting us as your pool builder, you are entrusting us with this investment and want to deliver on every promise that we make.

Project Design, Approval, Permitting & Engineering

The first step in the construction process is an initial meeting between you and one of our trained design consultants. You will discuss all your wants and needs for you new backyard experience. Once design and cost are approved, you will then meet your Construction Superintendent that will take you through the build schedule of your project. He will go over the layout, measurements, your material selections and what to expect throughout the build. 

Layout, Dig and Steel

This is the first stage of your pool construction. The layout and excavation all occurs in the same day. Steel rebar is added to reinforce your pool shell walls. This installation is all done by hand. This is the “back-bone” of your pool. All pre-plumbing will also be installed. This entails the installation of main drains, skimmers, light niches, return lines and spas. After all of this is complete, we'll schedule and inspection to insure that everything is completed properly.

It's Starting to look like a swimming pool!

The pool shell consists of a concrete called “gunite”. This is a mixture of sand and cement that is applied through a hose with highly pressurized air. Don’t miss out on this process! Your Shell installment will be due this day..

Plumbing and Tile

Our experienced plumber installs the remainder of the underground plumbing around the pool and sets all the equipment. We perform hydraulic calculations to ensure that all equipment and piping are of the correct size to combine water clarity and energy conservation. The water line tile is now installed and our licensed electrician will be on site to perform the electrical connections. Inspection occur at this time. It is now that your pool will start to take it’s final form.

Coping, decking and footers

The pool coping and deck should reflect the overall theme for the project, including color, pattern and design. Once the deck is done, it wont be long till your swimming!

Safety First!

We install screen enclosures and fencing for the safety of the community. A pool barrier or alarms are also installed to safely keep our customer’s and their families. An inspection is completed before the interior finish is install to ensure we are on the correct path to success.

It's time for the interior finish

The pool interior is coated with your choice of materials, from a standard Quartz finish to upgrades of Pebble or even Glass finishes. When the coating is finished, we begin filling the pool with water. This should be the final stage of construction.

Pool party!

Once your pool is full, our service technician starts up the equipment, cleans everything and balances the chemicals. We will set up a time to come to your home. This visit will include everything you will need to know about routine maintenance operations and how to properly function your pool. You are now ready to swim!

"Kudos on a job well done, again!!! You recently completed my third Bob's Pool. This one has a spa and I love the push button controls. See you in five years! Thanks so much.”

Chuck & Kimberly, Lake Nona